REBUILD! RESTORE! REVITALIZE! REPAIR! RECOVER! REVIVE! REFRESH! Those great words excite my heart and capture my mind. They are Gospel Words!

In these days of tension, turmoil, and tragedy, I think most of us have some place in our life where we’d like to see one of those words find traction. That’s why we’re beginning a new series in the book of NEHEMIAH that we’re entitling REBUILD!

The book of Nehemiah is a testament to God’s faithfulness to His people regardless of their circumstances. It has a wonderful message for contemporary Christ-followers. God is building His church and not even a global pandemic can prevent His work from going forward. We’ll see the importance of God’s Word, the reality of opposition, God’s power to restore broken lives and the need for prayer.

I pray you’ll make plans to join each week of this series as we see God’s plans for RENEWAL and REVIVAL for those who trust in Him!

Pastor Joe Still

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