We believe that joining a church is a very important decision that should be well-informed, prayed over, and processed. That’s why we host an Exploring Church Membership Seminar several times throughout the year. In the seminar we explain what we believe makes Riverbluff Church distinct. We’ll share our deeply held beliefs and values as well as explain why we do what we do, and the way we do it.

Exploring Church Membership

We’ve found our Exploring Church Membership seminar to be the best plan for stepping into membership at Riverbluff. There you’ll get to personally meet our Pastors and ask them any questions that might be on your heart

Getting Started

Exploring Church Membership for Students

This online version of Exploring Church Membership for Students allows you to listen to your youth leader talk about the importance and the reason for any youth considering becoming a covenant member of Riverbluff Church.


Getting Started