FLOURISH! That is such a great word that is filled with hope.


Everyone that I know, in some way, longs for a life that flourishes. If we have children and grandchildren, we have great hope that life for them will flourish. At Riverbluff we often pray for human flourishing in our city.


No one takes greater delight in our flourishing than GOD our FATHER! In fact, HIS plan for our lives has flourishing as its great aim. HE has a great growth plan for our flourishing that HE oversees directly and engages personally. FATHER-GOD is so “hands-on” in this process that Jesus describes HIM as the Vinedresser or Gardener of our lives. GOD has made everything in HIS great creation, and HIS intent is that it would flourish.


For anything to flourish, it must produce fruit. Our Heavenly FATHER’s plan for each of us is not to just bear fruit, but that we would bear much fruit that remains. In GOD’s economy, that’s what it means for us to flourish.
In this message,  we launch into a new teaching series entitled “FLOURISH”. This week Jesus reveals how we can see our FATHER’s hand guiding our lives to FLOURISH.


Pastor Joe Still
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