Is the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” contemptible?

That phrase has been around since the 1st century Roman philosopher Lucius Apuleis (124 – 170 A.D.) is credited with writing: “Familiarity breeds contempt, while rarity wins admiration. Twenty-one centuries is a long time for familiarity to set in!

Honestly, it’s so easy for us to become comfortably familiar with people, or places, or freedoms, or truths that we begin to take them for granted and their value gets diminished in our daily routines.   God’s GRACE is one of those realities whose power and value is easily diminished in “churched cultures”.  We need a renewal of GRACE in our hearts, and minds, and spheres of influence.

At the end of Romans chapter 5, after making a comparison to the power of sin, Paul concludes with this great thought: “GRACE WILL REIGN” (Romans 5:21 HCBS)

When GRACE REIGNS guilt is erased!

When GRACE REIGNS relationships are healed!

When GRACE REIGNS weaknesses are overcome!

When GRACE REIGNS bitterness is broken!

When GRACE REIGNS shame is covered!

When GRACE REIGNS disappointments are diminished!

When GRACE REIGNS brokenness is redeemed!

Our great problem with GRACE is we are richly familiar with explanations “about it” but sorely lacking in personal experiences “in it”.  Join us every Sunday in June as we take a renewed look at God’s Amazing GRACE.  Come praying we’ll all see it again for the very 1st time!

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