The word “FAULT” has several synonyms that provide different shades of meaning. One is “WEAKNESS”, such as a moral weakness. Another is “RESPONSIBILITY”, as in the case of wrongdoing or failure. Yet another meaning is “GEOLOGICAL”, as in the San Andreas Fault.

There seems to be no real positive aspect to the meanings associated to the word “FAULT”; but, WHEN you add the suffix “less” to that word, the meaning is completely flipped. It becomes “FAULTLESS”, a word of great strength!

That is the work that James, the brother of JESUS, sets out to accomplish in his epistle that bears his name. James was teaching believers how to develop a faith without cracks and weaknesses, a FAULTLESS FAITH!

No other New Testament book is quite like James. Catchy, practical, and in your face, the book of James jumps straight into the nitty gritty of daily life. James takes the lofty doctrines of the Gospel and brings them down to earth. James steps on your toes! At times, he punches you in the gut. You can’t read James without being confronted with real life. James wants you to powerfully live out the Gospel you’ve been given, by helping you build a FAULTLESS FAITH!

In this series, Pastor Joe Still leads a verse-by-verse study of this incredible book of JAMES, so we might build a FAULTLESS FAITH!

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