What makes you tick?  What’s at the core of who you are?  What drives you to do the things you do?  What is your heart?

These are great questions to ask ourselves to help us rightly calibrate our lives.  Socrates said: To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom!  If you’ve ever seen a counselor, you know that it can be difficult to describe yourself to someone else.  At times, knowing the truth about ourselves can be challenging.

Though HE has many attributes, GOD has no difficulty knowing and describing who HE is at the core of HIS Being.  HE has no difficulty knowing HIS own Heart.  HIS self-description is the most often quoted passage by the writers of the Old Testament and had the greatest influence on the writers of the New Testament.  Knowing the Heart of GOD can give you a strength, and a hope, and a peace, like nothing else in this life.

Praying for you, Pastor Joe Still

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