Everyone eventually has to wrestle with life’s big questions: Why are we here? What’s wrong with the world? What will put the world right? Many try to answer these questions through philosophical reflection, by framing arguments and making propositions. But, if you go to the New Testament Gospels you’ll see Jesus Christ addressing these questions quite differently. He doesn’t present arguments, He presents Himself. He doesn’t come to tell us what the answers are He comes to be the answers to those questions. Those who grasped that, and understood it, had their lives changed forever. Every encounter with Jesus recorded in the Gospels had a profound impact on those who spoke with Him. We believe it is still possible today to have life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. In fact we know it’s possible! In our day, the biggest hurdle many must overcome before having such an encounter is thinking they already know everything there is to know about Christianity. After all, it’s been around for thousands of years and doesn’t everybody know who Jesus was and what He taught? Unfortunately, many really don’t know what Jesus Christ actually said about Himself or about God or about life’s biggest questions. Join us in August and September as we journey through ENCOUNTERS with Jesus and not only find answers, but also to have your own personal encounter with the Risen Christ.

Encounters Sermon Riverbluff Church
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