Whenever we talk about “chances” or “odds” we’re describing the possible unfolding of a future event … the likeliness that event will occur.

There are just some things that are less likely to happen than others.For example, the odds that you would die in a plane crash (before the pandemic & flights were still overbooked)….those odds were 1 in 12 million.

Did you know that the odds of being attacked and killed by a Hippopotamus are 10 times greater than being attacked and killed by a shark

Fatal shark attacks average about 5 per year, while fatal Hippo attacks are closer to 50 annually.

But then there are events that are more likely to happen any of us.  For instance, the odds of being a victim of a serious crime, one in 20.The odds of dying if you’re in a car accident, one in 100. And the odds of being audited by the IRS, one in 175.

That last one might be the scariest of all!

Lately There’s been lot’s of talk about “Beating the Odds” when it come to contracting the C-19 virus.  We’ve been told that increased hand washing, wearing a mask out in public, and spatial distancing, all better our chances of “beating the odds”.

Interestingly….Ancient prophecies in the Bible about the life, death, and resurrection of a coming savior created astronomical odds of all of those prophecies ever being fulfilled in the life of one person. And yet in Jesus Christ, they were all fulfilled. 

In this new teaching series we’ll investigate many of those ancient prophecies and see how truly impossible it would have been for Jesus to have fulfilled them all; UNLESS HE TRULY WAS GOD COME TO EARTH IN THE FLESH!

So whether you’re a skeptic or a Christ-follower who wants to strengthen your faith, I hope you’ll join us each week for “Beating the Odds”.

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