While comedians would like us to believe that a day set aside to honor moms is a conspiracy of Greeting Card companies, the Word of GOD calls us to honor moms. For me, Mother’s Day is wrapped in my greatest hope and that gives me great reason to rejoice! That hope is in the Gospel of Jesus. 

My mom passed from this life to be with our LORD over 8 years ago. So now, when Mother’s Day comes, my thoughts turn to the day that I will see her once again.  It will be that great day of Christ’s return. That’s not just a hope for me. It is central to the singular conviction that I have built my entire life upon. So, even though she is not here with me, GOD is still using my mom to sanctify my heart and mind!

I’m praying you’ll engage in this message as we honor the moms among us and learn from the Holy Scriptures how their lives reveal the Heart of GOD for us!

Pastor Joe Still

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