Unshackled, Part 2 – Unshackled From the Opinions of Others

In this sermon by Joe Still we continue our end of summer teaching series that we began last week; UNSHACKELD! Last week we followed Paul and Barnabas on their first Church Planting, Missionary Journey into the Roman province of Galatia, (modern day Turkey). After some years pass, Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, wrote a letter back to those churches to correct a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus that had crept into their lives. They had become deceived in their understanding of God’s Salvation coming “only” through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. They had begun to add “religion” to the Gospel. We saw last week in that letter to the Galatians that Jesus had come to set us free from the shackles of religion. When the deception of religion creeps into the Gospel, a crippling “identity-crisis” is never far behind. A prominent symptom of that crisis is a toxic-concern over “what others think about me”. Paul shows the churches that Jesus came so we could live UNSHACKLED from that fear!

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