As citizens of these Unites States it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to fully grasp the relationship between a King and his subjects.  True Kings ruled and reigned with absolute authority.  An invitation into a King’s presence, and his inner court, to have a glimpse into his personal life, was a rare and deeply treasured gift.

To have a personal relationship with JESUS means to know HIM and love HIM as our KING. JESUS is a KING like no other.  HE invites all of HIS subjects into a personal relationship and declares us HIS Friends.  HE invites us into HIS inner court, adopts us as HIS own family, and reveals the deepest longings of HIS Heart.  HE even shares HIS deepest prayer request with us!

In this message, Pastor Joe Still shares how we can not only join JESUS in HIS most heart-felt prayer, but how we can also be part of the answer to HIS prayer!

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