“Cancel-Culture” is a destructive movement that has actually been around for a very long time, but recently rebranded with this new title.   It is the act of publicly shaming someone so they’re cut-off from community and ostracized by the mass of people who do not even really know them.  In our day, it has been weaponized using social media platforms!

JESUS gives His followers a stern warning about the “toxic soil” from which “Cancel-Culture” grows. The toxic soil where “Cancel-Culture” takes root and then blossoms is the soil of unforgiveness.  The warning that JESUS gives on this matter, should stop everyone who follows Him, in our tracks.  JESUS teaches that growing a life in the toxic soil of unforgiveness, not only has temporal implications, but also eternal consequences.  JESUS also demonstrates and declares a power far greater than “Cancel-Culture” it is the power of FORGIVENESS!

In this series, Pastor Joe Still shares from scripture, where we see JESUS answer life’s toughest questions!

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