Handling Hostility to Your Faith

There is no one kinder or more loving or more compassionate or more filled with grace, than JESUS.  I love that about HIM!  I also love that HE always speaks the truth, even when that truth may be hard to hear.

Last week as we took our first steps into the GREATEST SERMON ever, we saw on full display HIS infinite, marvelous grace, made available to anyone and everyone.  It was just such a beautiful picture of JESUS’ Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven!

As soon as HE put that “out there”, HE then tells a hard truth about anyone and everyone who would join HIM in HIS Kingdom as it is coming upon the earth. It is a message about facing opposition and persecution.

In this message from pastor Joe Still, we”ll hear from JESUS how to “HANDLE HOSTILITY” directed toward all who choose life in HIS Kingdom.

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