The King and His Kingdom are at Hand

The beginning chapters of the book of Matthew help set the context for the Sermon on the Mount that we will be looking at through this sermon series. Last week pastor Joe talked about the gospel of the kingdom, and a close look at Matthew chapters 1-4 shows Matthew begins to establish the truth that Jesus is the promised King who has come to redeem and renew His kingdom.

In this sermon from Pastor Dave Hardin, we will look at the Scriptures from the beginning chapters of Matthew to see how Matthew shows that Jesus is the king that was promised to come from the ancestry of David, while we also take a look at how Jesus begins to teach and to demonstrate what life looks like within His kingdom.

Jesus chooses a community of disciples who He teaches about His kingship and His kingdom so that they would one day be His kingdom representatives commissioned to spread the good news of the kingdom of heaven and demonstrate what life looks like lived under God’s rule and reign.  Today, those of us who are truly disciples of Jesus are given this same commission to share the good news of what God has done through Jesus to begin to redeem and restore His kingdom while we also live our lives in such a way that we demonstrate to the world around us what it looks like to live with Jesus as our true Lord and King.

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