When was the last time, while reading, watching, or listening to the news you became overwhelmed with joy?  That isn’t a common occurrence for most of us.  Sometimes news may bring joy to some people while simultaneously bringing sorrow to others.  Like the news during election coverage.

So, when was the last time you learned of news that was broadcast that brought joy to everyone? Is that even possible?  Could a news broadcast bring joy to all people, in all places, in all generations?

It has happened!

The Gospel of Luke records GOD sending the greatest News Anchor in all of human history with the greatest news that was actually so good that it can bring joy to “all the people”; every person from every place, in every generation.  That news is “JESUS has come”!

In this message by Pastor Guy Smith, we focus on the JOY that HIS COMING makes available to everyone.  Let’s to explore the “Good News of Great JOY that will be for all the people”!

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