Vision 2020 Sermon

We plan to look back at the last ten years today but spend more time looking forward to the next season in the life of Riverbluff Church. You have in your program today the brochure VISION 2020. This is where we believe God is leading us for the next season here at Riverbluff and we will try to elaborate on the big ideas in the brochure. We believe the current culture in the US and the world will require more of Christians than simply church attendance. It will require discipleship that takes us deeper so we can have a greater impact on the culture and world. It is a time of deepening our roots in the Lord so we can be more effective at changing the world. We believe VISION 2020 will enable us to do this. We’re asking you to listen carefully today; and then to prayerfully read through it a few times before our October 14th services. We will vote to adopt this (hopefully) as our vision for the next season at Riverbluff.

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