As hard as humanity is trying to put a “bold face” on things, as a whole we’re not doing so great. Just take one of our vital signs and you’d see. The rate of antidepressant use has gone through the roof in the last 20 years. They have become the third most commonly prescribed drug. (Please don’t misunderstand, I believe in medication; but it says something about us when depression is a leading cause of disability on a global scale.)
Ultimately, how you envision your future impacts your current experience more than anything else. What if you knew that God was going to restore your life and everything you love any day? What if you believed a great and glorious goodness was coming to you? If you did, you would have a hope that would see you through anything! That is why Jesus came. HE came to RESTORE! Jesus came to restore everything we have lost and even everything we never had, but that for which our souls continuously ache. And though the complete and total Restoration will not come until He returns, He has left us His plans for that Restoration to begin in us in the “here and now”.
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