Jesus said “The Spirit is the one who gives life! Human strength can do nothing….” John 6:63 (CEV). If this is truth from the mouth of our Lord; why is it then, when people or even churches lack life, do we so often look to other solutions? Every Sunday millions of people sit bored in church services. Even the churches that spend a fortune on production and put on “a great show” eventually dissatisfy. But, is it possible to be bored by the Holy Spirit? If He were truly moving, in our lives and in our churches would we ever “look at our watches”? According to the Words of our Lord, lifeless boredom with church and with matters of faith is a sign of the Spirit’s quenching or absence! Do you truly believe “it is the Holy Spirit who gives life”, and “the flesh is no help at all”? If you say yes, does your prayer reflect this? As Francis Chan has said; “the Holy Spirit is not merely helpful; He is our only hope. He is the one who gives life.” If you’re tired of just “going through the motions” then this series is for you. We will not be asking the Holy Spirit for “a little more help”. Instead, we’re going to ask Him to take over; to fill our lives. So, let’s prepare to be FILLED!

Filled Sermon
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