HAPPY NEW YEAR! That’s a phrase we’ll hear frequently this weekend. It’s a wish for a year filled with happiness. It’s a global celebration!
There is another global celebration happening just a few days into the New Year. This year it falls on January 6. While it is not as well known and the number of revelers will be significantly smaller, it holds rich meaning for those who participate. It is called the celebration of EPIPHANY, some call it 3 KINGS DAY!
While not as widely celebrated by Christ-followers here in the U.S., it is celebrated by millions of Christians around the world. It memorializes the day when GOD revealed HIS SON, the Savior of the world, to the first gentiles. There is much we can learn from the first gentiles who worshipped our Savior.
I pray you engage in this message as we learn from the Wise Men, “How to be All In For JESUS in 2022”!
Pastor Joe Still
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