In June 2017 Riverbluff Church began the process to partner with several local churches in Bayamo to encourage them in their faith and to serve alongside them in their disciple-making and church-planting processes. Riverbluff serves these churches under the umbrella and authority of the East Cuba Baptist Convention.

Bayamo, founded in 1513, is the capital of Cuba’s eastern province of Granma, and currently has a population of about 160,000.

Septima Iglesia Bautista of Bayamo (Seventh Baptist Church of Bayamo) has become our sister church in that city. This church had its beginnings in 2015, and they have grown in size and spiritual maturity since their beginning. We are currently providing support for the pastor and his family until the church can become self-supporting. We are privileged to be able to encourage them in their faith, and to help provide resources needed for the gospel work that they are doing throughout the city.

We are also partnering with Ebenezer Church in Bayamo.  Ebenezer Church consists of several congregations that are led by led by a young pastor and his wife. The pastor is also currently a full-time student at the East Cuba Baptist Seminary in Santiago de Cuba. He plans to graduate seminary in October of 2019, and Riverbluff is helping to provide support to his family during his time of schooling. In October of 2018 Riverbluff Church helped Ebenezer Church by providing funds to purchase a property that they will renovate for use as a church building.

If you are interested in serving this ministry, and/or participating in one of our mission teams that goes to Bayamo, please contact Dave Hardin at


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