Youth (6th-12th Grade)



Our Purpose Statement

We exist to COMMUNICATE the love of Jesus Christ to non-believing students (Evangelism), to CONNECT them with other Christians (Fellowship), to GROW them in their faith (Discipleship), and to challenge them to HELP change their world (Ministry), and EXPRESS their love for God (Worship). 

Our Vision

To see students, parents of students, and adult leaders become Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus –FDFJ!!

Sunday Bible Study Classes

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. our youth learn more about God in Bible Study classes and small groups.  The classes are based on grade level and gender.

6th-8th grade boys, 6th-8th grade girls, 9th-12th grade boys, 9th-12th grade girls

6th – 12th grade students are using “The Gospel Project” from LifeWay.

Gospel Project Image Riverbluff ChurchThe Gospel Project for Students helps to develop and equip your student ministry with a deeper understanding of Scripture and how the story of Jesus Christ ties it all together. In every week and in every lesson, your students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of Bible, theology, and missions, with the view of seeing how all the Scriptures point to Jesus, and how the gospel has the ability to transform a student’s life. As your students move through The Gospel Project and allow the truth of the gospel to work on them, move through them, and transform them, they begin to realize that they are participants in God’s gospel project.



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Driven – Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm

Our large group times for all middle and high school students are Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00. We play a game, have praise and worship, teaching, and Discussion Groups based on school grade level.


Desperate Worship
Relevant Bible Teaching
Involvement of Students
Valuable Relationships
Encouraging and Energetic
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Living a 3-Dimensional Life… UP-IN -OUT


Ways To Be Involved

Anyone who wants to work with preschool, children, or youth must be a member for at least six months, have an interview with a staff member, and complete the Riverbluff background check process.


Need to fill out a STUDENT MINISTRIES RELEASE FORM? Click Here!
The Student Ministries Release Form is required for students to attend certain activities throughout the year.
Please turn in a printed copy to Lynne Kight in the church office or fill out our online Student Ministries Release Form above.

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World Changers

World Changers exist. to serve churches in their mission of making disciples by providing missions experiences that develop the heart of students for serving others and sharing the gospel so they can change the city…change the world. This is accomplished through specifically focused meaningful missions experiences in strategic cities of all sizes. This approach involves helping participants grow in the gospel and develop mission-minded lifestyles. A work project not only requires participants to come ready to work hard and sleep on the floor, but also to share the gospel authentically.

Each church group is required to bring one adult for every five youth participants of the same gender. Adults must be 21 years of age or older and must reside in the same room as their youth, assist with activities, and work alongside youth on a work crew. Only students younger that 18 need an adult chaperone provided for. Adults are not allowed to bring children who are ineligible because of grade level to participate in the project. No private sleeping arrangements or other arrangements are available for sponsors with children or for couples. All group leaders are responsible for conducting background checks on their adult chaperones and turning in the compliance form at registration.

Please click the following links to listen to the World Changers training Sessions:

For more information on Youth Ministry at the River, please e-mail Kaitlyn Housand.