On this Sunday before we gather to celebrate the greatest day in history, EASTER, we open God’s Word to a defining moment in the earthly life of Jesus. Palm Sunday was the first time Jesus would publicly accept the title of King. However; He wouldn’t live out that role in the long-awaited, religiously-anticipated way. Jesus would be King, but He would be a different kind of King, ushering in an unanticipated method of ruling and reigning. Yes, He would come and crush His enemies. He would not do this from a position of power, but through a humility and self-sacrifice never before seen in all of human history. Instead of imposing His rule on anyone, He would extend to all the opportunity to personally choose to make Him their King. All who make that choice, Jesus then grants the right to become co-heirs with Him in His Glorious Kingdom! The ultimate question in life is, “Have you made Jesus your King?”
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