Pastor Joe Still - Apr 9, 2017


Every Sunday that we gather we celebrate the goodness of God. Today is a special day of celebration. It is Palm Sunday! This is the day that launches the Passion Week of Jesus. On the first day of that week Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of praise and a crowd desiring to make Him their King. But, the week that began with jubilation ended in deception, conspiracy, crucifixion and the death of our Lord. That wasn’t the end of this story. In fact, Jesus still became King, just a different kind of King. This morning the Apostle John points us to Jesus as King!

From Series: "Reality"

There was a season of life when "Once upon a time" could launch you into the exciting world of make-believe, a dream-world that helped you forget all the problems of childhood. But one day, that season ended abruptly. That day you discovered that this life is more like a battleground than a playground! Fairy tales could no longer solve your problems. You wanted, actually needed, something real. This is where the Apostle John's first epistle offers us answers. Written centuries ago, this letter, that is forever up-to-date, points us to life that is real. This morning we launch into a verse-by-verse study of John’s letter to the church that we’ve entitled “REALITY”.

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