Pastor Joe Still - Dec 27, 2015


In this sermon we close out our Christmas teaching series exploring all that God is GIVING US through Jesus coming into this world. He’s giving us Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, but also, He’s giving us conflict. If you’ve been at the River very long, you’ve heard us say, “The Gospel usually reveals the bad news before revealing the Good News.” This morning we look at the Conflict of Christmas.

From Series: "GIVING US..."

No matter what position you take on what should, or should not appear on Starbuck’s cups this time of year; most everyone would agree that this is the season of GIVING! For some the motivation for giving is purely “secular”, for others it is deeply “sacred”. Some are given the perfect gifts; while others are given ulcers. Followers of Jesus also believe the central message of Christmas is giving. Specifically, that which GOD is giving us! Join us every Sunday in the month of December as we explore and celebrate all that God is “GIVING US” in Christmas.

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