Moving From Growing to Devoting

The Movement From Growing to Devoting

Spiritual Growth is not linear or systematic.  It is Supernatural! Jesus invites us to grow more devoted to Him, and the Holy Spirit leads us in experiences and understandings that help us to move from one level of growth to the next.  However, we do know that there are similarities in beliefs, activities and practices among disciples in each stage of growth.  Therefore, we can be intentional about incorporating those beliefs, activities and practices into our Spiritual life in our own desire to grow.
The following four categories of Spiritual Growth Catalysts are the most important to incorporate into your spiritual life in order to move from the Growing Stage to the Devoting Stage.


























This information was originally developed by Reveal for Church and published in
FOLLOW ME: What’s Next For You? by Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson.
Understanding and incorporating these Beliefs, Practices and Activities isn’t formulaic.  At any point in your journey with the Lord He may give you a deeper understanding of something you have already learned.  Remember, growth can be messy, so don’t expect that you will get it all at once.