At Riverbluff Church we believe Jesus taught that basically everything in life boils down to relationships–Jesus summed up all of life as simply loving God & loving people! (Matthew 22).  From the beginning, God designed life to be experienced together. Often we need support in life, sometimes we need to retreat from life, at all times we’re called to bless another life. In other words, “we really do need each other.” This is why Group Life exists at Riverbluff and why we’re convinced everybody needs a group to do life with.

Experience has taught us that Group Life is not a “one size fits all” enterprise. That’s why we approach Group Life with multiple options. However, we do believe that all groups should have some intent to help participants grow in their devotion to Jesus. Group Life at Riverbluff has five primary expressions.



MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES are our “flagship” Group Life experience. Honestly, we’re working toward the day when every member of Riverbluff is part of a MISSIONAL COMMUNITY. You can learn more about these here.



HUDDLES are groups that are intent on making “disciplemakers” in a High Challenge/High Relational environment.  It is a “by invitation only” journey that takes approximately 12-18 months to complete. The journey is led by a trained HUDDLE Leader who invests his/her life into those they are discipling while equipping them with the tools they’ll need to one day disciple others for Jesus. HUDDLES are the Disciple-Making engine of Riverbluff.



LTG’s  (Life Transformation Group) are peer-discipling groups of 2-3 people that meet regularly to discuss what they are hearing God say to them through the reading of scripture, living in Christ-centered accountability, and praying specifically for the salvation of a few people they could one day invite into a new LTG. For more information about LTG’s and downloadable resources to start an LTG contact Cindy Schirle or check out our online LTG Center here.



LIFEGROUPS are groups of  up to 12 people who meet regularly for fellowship, or Christian growth, or worship and prayer, or serving others, or all of the above! If you’d like help launching a LIFEGROUP or Training in how to lead a LIFEGROUP contact Cindy Schirle.



CLASSES at Riverbluff are great places to meet new folks and make some new friends while studying some great biblically based resources together. Some of our classes are ongoing Bible studies that are working their way through the whole Bible, while others are short-term classes (6-13 weeks) that meet to study a topic from a biblical point of view. Learn more about classes here.