Exploring Church Membership


We’re glad you’ve decided to explore Church Membership here at Riverbluff. We believe that joining a church is a very important decision that should be well informed, prayed over, and processed. That’s why we host an Exploring Church Membership Seminar six or seven times throughout the year and keep the next ECM Seminar date posted on our website for your convenience. In the seminar we explain what we believe makes Riverbluff Church distinct. We’ll share our deeply held beliefs and values as well as explain why we do, what we do, and the way we do it. We’ve found our “live” ECM seminar to be the best plan for stepping into membership at Riverbluff. There you’ll get to personally meet our Pastors and ask them any questions that might be on your heart. However, we know that your schedule can conflict with you attending our ECM seminar. In an effort to overcome those barriers we’ve created an Online ECM Experience. To get started, print out a copy of the ECM Workbook (below ECM Online Seminar Video). Then follow along with the video, filling in blanks along the way. Or, the next time you are at the church, you could stop by the Welcome Center and pick-up a hard copy of the Workbook already printed for you. After completing the Video Seminar, just contact the church office to schedule your personal meeting with a church leader to take the last step in our membership process. For your convenience all additional resources mentioned during the Video Seminar can be downloaded straight from our website and are located just below the ECM Video window or in the drop down menu titled, “Extras”.

The Next ECM Seminar Will Be Sunday September 10 from 5-7pm


Sign up will be available at the Welcome Center, online, or by calling 843.266.6328.

Childcare provided by sign-up.

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All Pastors - Nov 3, 2013

Exploring Church Membership

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